We work with individuals, teams and policymakers to tackle mental illness, championing support and recovery through the use of sport.

Our mission


As an independent charity based in the UK, we are committed to tackling mental health illness. Here in the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health illness each year. Mental health includes a person’s emotional, psychological and social well-being.

An obvious widespread problem, yet it is estimated that only a quarter of sufferers receive ongoing treatment, leaving the majority of the UK population tackling these debilitating issues on their own.

We have recognised this ongoing dilemma and are determined to rebuild a society where no young person or adult is left tackling mental health problems alone.

Our goals are to:

  • Promote self-confidence
  • Raise self-esteem
  • Unlock inner potential

Our team

Staff and ambassadors

How we work

Tackling obstacles as a team

Back Onside is committed to helping young people and adults who face mental health challenges due to social exclusion, disability or challenging life circumstances.

By delivering programmes and workshops; focused around sport, music, drama and art, Back Onside supports and relieves mental health obstacles through peer-support and participation in activities that encourage good health and well-being.

Sport and exercise is proven to improve your mood, increase self-esteem, reduce life stress and ease mental health difficulties. Here at Back Onside, we put this situation into practice. We provide #SupportThroughSport.

Along with our programmes and workshops, Back Onside work with the wider community to raise awareness of social issues, mental health and disabilities to help reduce the stigma and discrimination which often surrounds these areas.

The key ways we deliver this are through:

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